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Management Services

RMLC can help your mailer with their creative, production and computer needs:

  • Oversee cleanup and maintenance of your lists.
  • Provide well-developed marketing and promotional programs.
  • Deliver contacts at hundreds of other list brokerage companies.
  • Protect your privacy and security.
  • Provide effortless yet profitable list rental income.
  • Develop and manage exchange programs for active prospect programs.
  • Keep the list owner completely informed with accurate and comprehensive reports.

Data Cards

Browse our full list of Data Cards.

RMLC can help your mailer with their creative, production and computer needs.

Brokerage Services

At RMLC our Brokerage Services can provide you with:

  • Competitive market research and targeted list recommendations.
  • Access to every mailing list on the market.
  • Negotiations of net name arrangements and volume discounts.
  • Tracking and analysis of responses from prospect lists.
  • Coordination of list arrival with your service bureau.

RMLC can help your mailer with their creative, production and computer needs.

The Richard Norman Company

Contact The Richard Norman Company, a full-service direct marketing agency specializes in fundraising for 501(c)(3) non-profit foundations, 501(c)(4) lobby organizations, Political Action Committees (PACs), The Republican Party and its affiliates, Republican political candidates and Republican members of Congress.

The Richard Norman Company excels at:

  • Building new and high performing House Files for its clients.
  • Maximizing the net dollars generated for clients who come to the agency with an already existing House File.
  • Creating comprehensive House and Prospect programs that are consistent with the mission of the organization.
  • Ensuring that its clients mail programs run smoothly and on time.

Sunrise Data Services

Contact Sunrise Data Services who will provide you with:

  • Efficient and competitively priced list rental fulfillment.
  • Timely and accurate Merge/Purge, Postal Presort and Cass Certification.
  • Up to date monthly reports and counts upon request.

Active Engagement

Contact Active Engagement who will provide you with:

  • Fundraising
  • Analytics
  • Email House File
  • List Building
  • Web Development
  • Copywriting
  • Mobile App Development
  • Video Production
  • Facebook Apps
  • Banner Ads